(SS) Steel Orly

Hello long time no see.

A four year absence is certainly a long time, of course things have changed with LJ, I suspect most people like myself have gravitated to other communities such as Facebook etc. And LJ seems much quieter since.

Well since my last journal entry things have certainly changed, and honestly there's been a heck of a lot.

I'm currently working as an admin assistant for my partner David who is a chartered surveyor, we've been together since December 2011, and lived together since October 2012 however I'm still married, but Colin and I have decided to finally divorce.

Nat has just entered Year 11 of school, this year will be devoted to his GCSE's, and he's really growing up fast.

I'm doing a OU Open degree a combination of Design (architecture/Product design etc) and Business. I finish this in 2018.

I decided to take a trip down memory lane and check in on Live journal and reading back on the past entries brought back a bit of laughter, the sad things make me smile a bit as I managed to get through all the things I was sad about.

Things are great here for me now, very happy, and Nat is too.

Apologies to all those I have ignored over the last few years, really should have never stopped being in contact. We all move on but I should never have forgotten my friends on LJ.

Speak again soon

Ren xxx
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(Misc) Saltburn

meme :)

Saw this on toomuchfandom's flist so copying the meme.

1) mummy....Mummy....MUMMY.... (the sprog obviously)
2) Real name (dad and hubby)and I generally sign emails as this when I write emails to close friends,rather than Ren.
3) Kags (family)
4) Ren (flist)
5) Mrs E
6) K1mono (LJ)
1) jeans
2) purple tee shirt
3) beige socks

1) Sprog (he's on a coach bound for home at present)
2) Hugs from said sprog
3) Winning lottery ticket

1) Went to visit my brother
2) Played on Farmville (to check on Sprogs crops)
3) Endeavouring to watch all 6 of Harry Potter films

1) Sprog (on coach from Heathrow to London Victoria)
2) Hubby (On coach from Heathrow to London Victoria)
3) Sprog (On coach from London Victoria to Liverpool)

1) Take hubby to coach station for trip back to London
2) Spend time with Sprog
3) Recover from day with sprog/get ready for sprog returning to school

1) Tea (the darker the better)
2) Earl Grey tea
3) Any type of tea to be honest.

1) My desperation at making sure Nat's crops on farmville are ok(what I do for my child)
2) Nat chatting to me on his way back from visiting in laws,and telling me that he is looking after his dad on the trip up,
3) Nat's bet on horse which won the Grand National.

thats it.... :)
(Misc) Saltburn

Still plodding along.

No job yet, filled in forms for child tax credits/ job applications etc etc. Been job hunting on net. Can't think of anything else related to that, that I have missed

And Easter will soon be upon us. Nat breaks up on Friday, and Col will be arriving Tuesday night on the national express coach from Victoria Station. He wil be staying with us for the week and Nat will go back with him to see his other grandparents for a few days. we are both looking forward to seeing Col. Nat wants to show his dad his new school. Job hunting up here is on Col's agenda too. He wants to move up as quickly as he can but is realistic about it. So we ctually may not see him permanently up here for some time yet.

Sorry Nakeisha for the really odd email I sent you, it was in relation to an email I sent previously that you obviously did not recieve, apologies for the confusion. I have sent it out again and hopefully it will explain it all.

Everyone has the sniffles here, and Nat is appearing a little tired too, he was wandering round my bedroom about 6am this morning snuffling and feeling sorry for himself. However he still appears well enough to check his Dragons, and "FarmVille/Farm Town" thing on my Facebook account. Oh yes and still manage to play on his DS and Wii. Yet still expects his mother to drop everything if he so much as sneezes. He can think again if he believes he is staying of school for the rest of the week.
(Misc) Saltburn

Back from under my rock.

Hi Guys sorry for my absence. Bit under the weather of late, but hopefully things will improve.

No sign of a job yet, got a few rejection letters. I am still looking, still applying but not having much success. As mum doesn't want me to give her any money for mine or Nat's keep, she is saving some for me.

My step-dad's son who is dabbling in the property business has told me to start looking for a place, but of course it all depends on how much I get from the government/job to see how much rent I can afford to pay. I really want to work but it looks like I am on the job seekers for now. I am also looking into what I am entitled to at the present time.

Nat is settling in very well. I went to a parent/teacher meeting and I got more information out of Nat's new teacher Ms McDermant at his two months there than I ever did at his old school. He is doing excellent at this new school, and is excelling at his lessons.

Thanks to my wonderful and thoughtful friends the_cornettist, toomuchfandom and amythest_n_ice for the lovely virtual gifts, much appreciated. Sadly at the min I can't return likewise.

My live journal account has gone to basic as I have cancelled my paypal account etc etc at my bank as I didn't want to incur charges re unpaid direct debits. Hopefully I can resume it when I am better of.

I admit I miss Beaconsfield a bit, due to the fact that I left Wirral 15 years ago to discover new things and I feel a bit of a failure that I have returned. Unsure as to why I feel this way, Wirral is a lovely place, it has its ups and downs of course like everywhere else. However I am happy to be back lovely to live by the sea again and visit old haunts. Most importantly its better for Nathan. He is loving it because of being surrounded by more family members.

On a completely unrelated note I finally managed to get a better signal to get online. Nat's bedroom in the front of the house gets a fantastic signal and so I find myself lying on his bed "surfing the net". Finally this means I can actually reinstall yahoo/msn to chat to my flist yay :))) big smilies.

Happy Mothers Day to those on my flist who have kids/dogs/cats, or anyone else who depend totally on you for guidence/feeding/grooming/taxi service/waitressing/housekeeping/cleaning/doctor/nursing/teaching/therapist/landlady/maid service/nanny/ the list is endless...
(Misc) Stealth Mode

Tuesday Update.

Nat reached the grand age of 10 yesterday. We took him to the local Harvester by the beach yesterday, he was thrilled and enjoyed his birthday gifts and Nintendo DS shaped cake. He got the presents he asked for including a wii motion plus, wii game, lego and books.

Car off to scrapyard this week. All they offered is £200 which is pretty low but beggers can't be choosers and I definately can't afford to repair it. It is 9 years old so it was never going to be worth more than a £1,000 anyway in good condition.
So Nathan and I are sad to see it go, however Nat has purloined the numberplate to remind him of the zafira.
Things going ok, still job hunting, still being kept by mum, so really need to get a job so I can contribute.
On a really good note I got £125.00 back on my car tax as it still had 7 months to go.

My dad who has been helping me with the car troubles has bought himself a caravan, which he hopes to keep in Malpas in Cheshire, as somewhere for the weekend. Its in great condition for its price, and he was thrilled with it.
He has said that Nat can go along with the other grandkids to stay for a weekend in the caravan which sleeps 4/5. Boy are my Dad and step mum looking for trouble with three grandkids and a hyper active border collie in a caravan for a weekend.

Nothing much else happening here.
Hope everyone in LJ land are doing fine and are in good spirits.

(Misc) Hairball

Hello Again :)

Nat should have started school on the 4th January but there had been a fire started by sodding vandals, at the upper site (where Nat would be going to once he went back), but the lower school was open. Apparently as a consequence it caused a gas leak, so the gas board closed the school.

I had to go to the lower site first to register Nat and buy a school jumper (lovely St George and the Dragon design), they said the upper site school was closed and I had to ring in after lunch to see if it was reopening for Tuesday 5th. Plus all Nat's stuff to sign was at the upper site. (So once it opened on Monday 11th finally I filled in all the appropriate forms etc.)
Durning that first week of January I rang up the school on the afternoon of the 4th to ask if it was reopening, but they said it was closed Tuesday and I would have to ring Wednesday after 2pm to see if it was reopening for Thursday.
Anyway of course like everywhere else in the country on Wednesday the 6th we got snow, not as bad as Holtspur was before Christmas but heavy nonetheless. It of course stayed and Nat was off for the rest of the week.

What with missing his last day at Holtspur and missing his first week at St Georges, Nathan thought it is his birthday.

Anyway we are nearly at the end of his first week of his new school and he has done very well,thanks to my step dad who has been letting me use his car to take and pick up Nat. It appears Nat enjoys the school but like the CIA it is very difficult to get any information out of him, but he hasn't been in tears or demanded to stay at home so he must be doing well.My weird offspring no doubt has traumatised his new classmates.
Nathan is used to a small class of 23 and only one year group, the new school has 3 year 5 groups and 34 in his class, despite this he is coping very well. He loves the school uniform of a polo shirt and blue sweatshirt, having had to tolerate a shirt and tie and proper school (expensive) jumper at his old one.

Although I have access to my step dad's car I haven't been out in it much especially over the last week with the snow fall. I am a bit hesitant in this weather as a result of smashing my own car, I don't want the same to happen with another car. The thing I worry about is braking and the brakes locking and ending up smashing that one too. I am not afraid to drive, but am not as blase as I used to be.

My car is likely to cost over £1,000 to repair and seeing it is about 9 years old and unlikely to be worth over a £1,000 anyway, I think it is headed for the scrap yard. Hopefully I will get a few bob for it, especially as the airbags didn't go off so it may go for a bit. I can then save up for a small runaround, that however will entail me getting a job, I am perusing the local papers and sending of for applications forms etc etc.

Hopefully things will go well this year, fingers crossed :)

Hugs to all.

Ren xxxxxxx