Ren (k1mono) wrote,

Hello Again :)

Nat should have started school on the 4th January but there had been a fire started by sodding vandals, at the upper site (where Nat would be going to once he went back), but the lower school was open. Apparently as a consequence it caused a gas leak, so the gas board closed the school.

I had to go to the lower site first to register Nat and buy a school jumper (lovely St George and the Dragon design), they said the upper site school was closed and I had to ring in after lunch to see if it was reopening for Tuesday 5th. Plus all Nat's stuff to sign was at the upper site. (So once it opened on Monday 11th finally I filled in all the appropriate forms etc.)
Durning that first week of January I rang up the school on the afternoon of the 4th to ask if it was reopening, but they said it was closed Tuesday and I would have to ring Wednesday after 2pm to see if it was reopening for Thursday.
Anyway of course like everywhere else in the country on Wednesday the 6th we got snow, not as bad as Holtspur was before Christmas but heavy nonetheless. It of course stayed and Nat was off for the rest of the week.

What with missing his last day at Holtspur and missing his first week at St Georges, Nathan thought it is his birthday.

Anyway we are nearly at the end of his first week of his new school and he has done very well,thanks to my step dad who has been letting me use his car to take and pick up Nat. It appears Nat enjoys the school but like the CIA it is very difficult to get any information out of him, but he hasn't been in tears or demanded to stay at home so he must be doing well.My weird offspring no doubt has traumatised his new classmates.
Nathan is used to a small class of 23 and only one year group, the new school has 3 year 5 groups and 34 in his class, despite this he is coping very well. He loves the school uniform of a polo shirt and blue sweatshirt, having had to tolerate a shirt and tie and proper school (expensive) jumper at his old one.

Although I have access to my step dad's car I haven't been out in it much especially over the last week with the snow fall. I am a bit hesitant in this weather as a result of smashing my own car, I don't want the same to happen with another car. The thing I worry about is braking and the brakes locking and ending up smashing that one too. I am not afraid to drive, but am not as blase as I used to be.

My car is likely to cost over £1,000 to repair and seeing it is about 9 years old and unlikely to be worth over a £1,000 anyway, I think it is headed for the scrap yard. Hopefully I will get a few bob for it, especially as the airbags didn't go off so it may go for a bit. I can then save up for a small runaround, that however will entail me getting a job, I am perusing the local papers and sending of for applications forms etc etc.

Hopefully things will go well this year, fingers crossed :)

Hugs to all.

Ren xxxxxxx

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