Ren (k1mono) wrote,

Still plodding along.

No job yet, filled in forms for child tax credits/ job applications etc etc. Been job hunting on net. Can't think of anything else related to that, that I have missed

And Easter will soon be upon us. Nat breaks up on Friday, and Col will be arriving Tuesday night on the national express coach from Victoria Station. He wil be staying with us for the week and Nat will go back with him to see his other grandparents for a few days. we are both looking forward to seeing Col. Nat wants to show his dad his new school. Job hunting up here is on Col's agenda too. He wants to move up as quickly as he can but is realistic about it. So we ctually may not see him permanently up here for some time yet.

Sorry Nakeisha for the really odd email I sent you, it was in relation to an email I sent previously that you obviously did not recieve, apologies for the confusion. I have sent it out again and hopefully it will explain it all.

Everyone has the sniffles here, and Nat is appearing a little tired too, he was wandering round my bedroom about 6am this morning snuffling and feeling sorry for himself. However he still appears well enough to check his Dragons, and "FarmVille/Farm Town" thing on my Facebook account. Oh yes and still manage to play on his DS and Wii. Yet still expects his mother to drop everything if he so much as sneezes. He can think again if he believes he is staying of school for the rest of the week.

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