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Belated Christmas Greetings

Greetings from Wirral.
Yes I know I am 2 days late with the merriment, but what with moving from Beaconsfield it's been a frantic week.
Arrived at Mum's Monday 21st,my old Zafira crammed full of Nat's stuff and a few things of mine, besides the obvious lugguge. Glad to get here after the snow and ice, weather in Wirral better, cold but not snowing. Got settled in etc etc. The next day I decided to visit dad, who lives a few miles away from mum's.
Half way to dad's house it started to hailstone, the roads were covered in hailstones in seconds and as I got closer to dad's I noticed that there had been an earlier fall of hailstones, so I took it slow.
Unfortunately it didn't help as I was nearing a junction and my brakes locked,and wouldn't release. I had a moment to react and as I didn't want to end up careering towards oncoming traffic at the junction I had no alternative but to hit a brick wall.Thankfully no-one was behind or in front of me either on the road or the pavements. I wanted to stop before I hit the main road.
Nathan was ok, the wall was ok but my car is badly damaged, not sure whether it is a right-off or not, my brother's friend will check after new year.
Added to that I only had third party insurance, cos its far too expensive for fully comp and I couldn't afford it after paying out MOT, and car tax at the time so I can't claim for it.
But I am so bloody glad that Nat was unharmed, I must have been going slow not to knock down the wall, but the zafira took the impact, there asn't much impact inside the car, the airbags didn't even go off, Nat was shaken, but I was more concerned with him than the car.
It's sad if it is a right-off but it did its job of keeping us safe, but apparently that day was bad and icy roads everywhere.
A couple of cars were involved in a collision with each other (on the road I was avoiding hitting) a few minutes after I had my collision and a member of my family hit the back of a taxi in her car. My dad nearly went through red lights after sliding on the road on his way to rescue me, so all in all I think me and Nat had a bloody good escape, considering what would have happened had we not hit the wall and carried on to cause probable mayhem on the main road.

Anyay after all that a good Christmas as had by all and I hope that all my flist have a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR :)

Love Ren xxxxxxx
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Life is sweet

First of all sincere apologies for not answering to comments on my last entry.
Things are going at as fast pace and have been working as many hours as I can to bring I much needed cash. However this week is pretty slow what with being my last week at the care agency and I am only working 8 hours all this week.
Been working mornings and evenings until late up until this week, which meant not accessing my Internet as much as I like. Unless it involved Nat accessing his latest breeds of dragons.

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Joined the bandwagon

I am on the bandwagon and following pals from my flist.
Nathan saw everyone's dragon eggs/and offspring and wanted one, so please help us out with this. He and I have been clicking all sorts of these little fellas and gals for those who have asked and he got hooked and wanted one.
Of course green being his colour, he chose an green egg, but I can't promise him a green dragon :)

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

On other things everything ok now we are back home, Mum still unwell, but improving providing she goes to the drs and not keep putting it off.

Took my laptop up north as I always do, but for some reason the intel proset wireless thingy didn't like sky internet, so I couldn't go online,kept freezing on the searching for ip address, thought it might be the security that sky had, but it works absolutely fine on my own BT internet system which has wpa2 and so forth. So no idea why it hates hy mum's internet provider. So ended up playing "Hidden Object" games which Nat and I have a great appetite for.

Have been working evenings from 7 till around 11pmish so haven't been online much, not as much as Nat at any rate, but back to working days from tomorrow.

To the captain, I haven't forgotten your pirate gifts, I did intend to post from Mum's but what with her being ill it went from my mind.

Will post sometimes during this week.

Ren xxx
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Hello, How are you?

Week One
A week at a caravan site in Hayling Island, good but rained most of the week, very windy.
Caravan very small rooms, smaller than my bathroom, two very very narrow beds in one room x2, one double bedded room, which we gave to my hubby, so Nat and I had one twin bedded cell and mum and step dad had other twin bedded cell.
Not much in the way of entertainment, for adults and children. Nat did go swimming everyday but far too much chlorine in pool so Nat got very red eyes by end of week.
Managed to go to Portsmouth, didn't get to see HMS Victory or Mary Rose admittance to these were too expensive in my opinion. Nat very impressed with Chichester Cathedral on another trip. weather as I said did ruin a few days. Sadly disappointed with caravan park and lack of good facilities. Mum and I were killing ourselves laughing at trying to make beds in tiny tiny cells.

Week Two
Returned home to Beaconsfield, mum and stepdad wanted to spend a week here and go to various places (London, Windsor, Oxford, Bourton on the Water), but we didn't manage it, all quite happy lazing in the garden and playing mahjong on the PC and generally vegetating. We did go out but only locally. We had planned to go to London on the Wednesday but weather looked vile.
On Wednesday mum felt ill, terrible indigestion like symptons, nausea, etc got worse as day went on, despite her having this on a regular basis and ususally retified after taking a anti-sickness pill. Sadly it didn't work this time and consequently later around 9-10pm called out of hours, they said a doctor would call, eventually we got a call after midnight by Dr who said to dial 999, paramedics called and mum's heart beat was to rapid for their liking particularly with her having a pacemaker, so taken to local hospital, step dad went with her. She was released after tests around 2.15am, I had stayed up, incase I was needed to pick up my stepdad, so picked them both up, mum felt better, but still weak.
Didn't wish to go out much after that so Thursday spent in. On Friday morning her symptons returned so Stepdad took her back to Wirral incase things got worse and she'd have her own doctor to check on her should there be need to. Nat and I followed the next day where I stayed until the following Friday evening.

Lack of good internet connection, at mum's so couldn't get online to chat to mates, read up on LJ and other stuff at mum's. Stepdad going back to BT cos of slowness of Sky connection. Mum fine all week thank goodness. Nat and I managed to do a few things, visit relatives etc etc.
Now back home as Nat had karate lesson Saturday morning and his grading for his yellow belt yesterday afternoon. he was brilliant and deserved his new belt. All back to normal, I am working evenings due to Summer term hols.
And hopefully go back up north for the bank holiday.

And that's it. :)
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blah blah blah moan moan moan

Here are the headlines from my corner of the Isles.

Nat has nits, lovely.... spent yesterday and today disinfecting him, he didn't seem at all bothered that he was a mobile home for lice.
Hubby off his rocker, not unusual, he keeps watering a weed that started growing in a pot that the previous occupant a bit of fern died in, he believes its a flower I think it's a triffid.
My car is due its tax and MOT at the end of the month, and I know it will fail, so more money to pay out, moan moan moan moan.
Care managers at the agency I work at are all brainless, and obviously can't tell the time or read, and even though I am deaf in one ear, I think they are the ones who need hearing aids.
I fill in availability sheets in for a reason. Can't they understand that I only want to work from 9-5pm and not evenings or nights, so why ring me up all the time to ask me to do hours I specifically say I can't do.

Friend of mine is going on holiday same time as me, so now she can't watch our house or feed our moggies for the week, don't want to bother our next door neighbour, who is in her 80's.
Talking of our neighbour she recieved an MBE for her service to the film industry, she showed it us, blinking heavy too. Apparently cos she's not a British citizen, she is Irish, she didn't get to go to Buck House, the local town hall gave it to her.

Any one fancy house sitting for a week? :(
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Dreamwidth codes

Hi if anyone is interested I have got 2 dreamwidth invite codes to give away (that's all they gave me)

Any one want one?
Let me know by emailing me at kaglets66@yahoo.co.uk.


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Goodbye Feenixandashes, hello k1mono

As you can see I have changed my user name.
Couldn't have kimono as I have on dreamwidth so with the very helpful assistance of the_cornettist I have chosen k1mono. Thank you so much hon for you know what.
The reason I chose this name is that my car registration letters are KMO, and thought it would be a perfect replacement for feenixandashes. which although a good user name at first(despite being very long to type) and had some meaning for me, now feels old and tired.
Time for a change.

I think it looks great :)
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(no subject)

Hi all, Long time no see.
Am currently up north with Nat at my mum's. Doing the usual family visiting
Nat enjoying being spoilt by family, but hubby missing us, obviously the cat's can't be much company for him, and his parents have gone to Perth to see their younger son, so poor Col is spending Easter with two mogs.

Brought up my laptop so I can get online etc, but for some reason can't connect to mum's SKY internet. They have just changed over from BT, and I could get online and everythng but since they changed over, even though I have the password etc etc to get online, and despite the connection on my intel(R) PROSet/wireless saying the connection is good etc it is still not letting me get online, so haven't a clue what is going wrong. I have tried everything, but as I said despite there being a strong signal showing on my laptop I can't get online .
So one unhappy Easter bunny.
So having to use mum's laptop to go online, but it aint the same as going off to my room and using my own laptop.

Have a happy Easter everyone, and hopefully I will catch you soon xx