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...the curious incident of the dog in the night-time..

I had no idea that such individuals exist outside of stories.

16 July 1966
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An assortment of infrequent ramblings of my boring lifestyle. I tend to read my friends entries and comment on those rather than write in my own live journal. Mostly I tend to use LJ as means of reading and commenting on my favourite fandoms, rather than a diary to relate the order and boredoms of my day to day life which no one will be vaguely interested in. LJ allows me the opportunity to express myself with more likeminded people, and of course appreciating being in the company of such open minded folks.

Unless something drastic happens my LJ is unlocked.
My passions are in no specific order:-

Pirates of the Caribbean.
Sparrington pairing.
Love Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow and Jack Davenport's Commodore James Norrington.
Such opposites and you know what the old saying is, I feel it fits perfectly well with these two.
I also am starting to appreciate the Navyboys with Norrington's relationship with Gillette and Groves.

I blame the_cornettist for this. And also my reinterest in The Professionals. Yes well you did warn me, and still I took no notice, I don't regret a minute of it :)

The Professionals.
Although a fan of the series in childhood,I didn't come to this fandom till this year. Of course the pairing of Bodie and Doyle interests me.
Was a Martin Shaw fan when I was younger, used to collect pics etc of him which I used to keep in a "Terry's All Gold" box, and am a Doyle girl in the fandom too.

Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett).
A brilliant actor with a wonderful voice. Velvet like.
His Holmes character was fantastic. The best interpretation as far as I am concerned
Loved him in a little play called "Prodigal Daughter".
Wonderful singing voice, sadly missed.

Sapphire and Steel (David McCallum).
Love the character of Steel, especially when paired of with Silver, a very very small fandom, probably myself and nakeisha are the only ones who write this pairing.

Man from Uncle (David McCallum).
Great actor, aged very well. and his character was superb.
As Illya Kuryakin in MfU, Russian partner of Napoleon Solo. Gave Napoleon a run for his money.

Harry Potter (Alan Rickman)
Love his portrayal of Severus Snape, again another actor with a delicious velvet like voice, much like Jeremy Brett. Generally I like Snape/Harry pairing, but will read other Snape pairings too.

Star Trek TOS.
I love TOS, my favourite character is Spock. (Leonard Nimoy) another velvet-voiced gentleman. I like Kirk/Spock and McCoy/Spock.

I write fan fiction, and some times draw fandom characters, but at the moment these are irregular activities.

Other interests are Genealogy and an interest in History, both in costume and architecture of tudor periods and Victorian. I have a particular love of Georgian architecture. I am going to do a psychology degree in the early part of 2011 via the OU.